Btu meter tenant billing

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Btu meter tenant billing

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Btu meter tenant billing

SinceEnergy Management Systems, Inc. EMS will deliver billing that is accurate and on time. We provide live customer support for your tenants. EMS has a dedicated staff of Utility Analysts and Rate Experts to assist property management in determining the best billing methodology to maximize utility expense recovery from a range of options including:.

EMS will assign a knowledgeable and dedicated Account Representative to work with property management and ensure that any questions, concerns or issues are addressed in a thorough, thoughtful, and timely manner. Your dedicated Account Representative will be your primary contact for your entire portfolio. This will provide you a one-stop source for any of your utility management needs. A single point of contact for all your properties ensures that you are receiving the highest level of service and makes the flow of information throughout the billing process more efficient.

Your Account Representative will also notify you of any irregular increases or decreases in utility consumption, vacant usage, and anything additional to minimize your utility expenses and maximize your recovery.

The EMS billing template offers a clean layout that is informative and professional. Billing from EMS can include any utility plus other non-utility charges such as trash removal. Paper bills are mailed or tenants can enroll in our paperless e-bill option. Payments can be remitted to property management or to EMS for processing.

Payments can be made to EMS via check, money order, or online. Multiple reports are available that provide the information you need to manage your property.

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Your Account Representative will proactively provide guidance in analyzing reports, helping to identify billing and property issues. EMS provides a comprehensive, personalized, secure online account for each tenant.

Your tenants will be able to view their consumption history and view copies of past bills. Your Trusted Energy Partner. Providing fair tenant billing based on actual usage encourages conservation.

Management Account Representative EMS will assign a knowledgeable and dedicated Account Representative to work with property management and ensure that any questions, concerns or issues are addressed in a thorough, thoughtful, and timely manner.

Contact Us. Phone: Toll Free: Fax: Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube. All Rights Reserved.Sub-Metering is the process of individually metering and measuring utility usage.

Sub-Metering is usually downstream or behind the utility company's main meter. Sub-metering can be used for billing individual tenants, for cost accounting of buildings and departments or measuring individual system loads. With sub-metering you get an accurate measurement of the actual usage being consumed or used by a tenant, department, building or system.

While traditional electrical meters have been used since the late 's and water meters stretching back thousands of years, most of the existing meters are antiquated, requiring manual and in-person inspection to read, with confusing and oftentimes hard to read dials and registers.

Further adding to these issues, are lack of accuracy and conformance to modern revenue grade billing standards such as the ANSI Tenant Sub-Metering specifically focuses on measuring tenant's utility usage. Sometimes electricity, water or gas might be measured by the local utility company for each tenant space, but not all of the services. Therefore the property owner needs to measure the individual tenants to determine usage for their specific services.

In the case of many commercial properties, it's not feasible to measure usage outside the building for each tenant due to the layout of the building. Sub-Metering inside the building or inside the property solves the problem.

When sub-metering tenants, billing is the key component and reason that most sub-metering is done. After the accuracy of the sub-metering itself, the billing and automation of the data is vital to a building owner knowing the accurate cost of the utilities. How accurate and flexible is the AMR automatic meter reading system?

How reliable is the data collection? Does the data collection need to go over the building's internet connection? If the data collection uses the Internet for transport, what happens if the Internet connection goes down? How secure is the encryption level of the data while being transported?

Does it require facility personnel to have to visit the meters or be near the meters vicinity to read them? Does the system have the capability to measure electricity, water and gas all in one platform and billing system?

btu meter tenant billing

Can you combine multiple meters, if multiple meters are needed to measure a tenant? Can a tenant's bill include multiple spaces if they lease more than one space? Can we avoid paper bills and send electronically to go paperless? These and many other questions should be asked when evaluating a system. While the various aspects might seem complicated, a sub-meter tenant billing and management solution can solve all of these issues, making the task of billing tenants efficient, easy and effective when streamlined.

Please call us for more information regarding sub-metering, so we can help you sub-meter and manage your tenant utility usage, and eliminate energy, water or gas waste or answer any sub-metering questions.

What is Sub-Metering? We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. If you can not measure it, you can not improve it. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. All Rights Reserved.BTU Meter is supplied complete with flowmeter and temperature probes.

1" Istec 5202 BTU Meter System

The system real-time detect the temperature of supply and return pipe. It also monitors the instantaneous flow rate according to the Heat Exchange of Thermodynamics principle.

The BTU meter automatically integrates energy consumption and transfers it to the computer. The consumption volume can be checked by a tenant or operator with no worries. It provides real-time information such as instantaneous temperature, flow rate, energy consumption, and others.

Mount the System enclosure on a vibration-free surface.

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The flow meter may be installed in either the supply or return line. This will facilitate any future service. It should be located on the downstream side of the flow meter.

When the water or other liquid passes through the pipeline, the flow meter measures the instantaneous flow rate and sends it to the BTU meter then the temperature sensor measures the return pipe temperature and supply pipe temperature and also sends it to BTU meter. According to the above formula, BTU meter integrates the cooling or heat consumption.

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BTU meter calculates energy consumption by flow rate and temperature difference, the formula is:. And check out some of the manufactures of BTU Meters around worldwide. A BTU is approximately a third of a watt-hour. Cooling or heating cost calculation. Method 1 Not Effective way but cheaper installation cost. But this method not practical due to heat load calculation will not be considered based on the space only, but also another factor will affect the load calculation like.

I have fixed a BTU meter for one of the tenant and on what basis I have to charge them on a monthly basis. Brand- Onicon There are many readings like volume rate energy total,running hours volume total and energy rate.

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There is no much data in your questions to answer exactly. The apartments in this example have three different square foot areas. Tenant A sq. Tenant A Energy Units 4? Sir, One of the btu meter of tenant is showing kW reading or more than It is used for hvac system. Inlet and outlet temp sensor showing reading like 14deg.

Is the problem in btu meter or in temp sensor? Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the newsletter! Skip to content. Contents hide. What is BTU?High energy bills can be overwhelming, costly, and most of all — frustrating. Find out how you can track and manage your energy usage. We engineer innovative sub-metering systems to equip you with accurate information for better utility management.

Overview: Hospital with food and retail vendors located within facility Problem: Revenue metering for billing of food and retail vendors. Solution: TX Solution: meters, 5 buildings, 7 systems, one solution. Overview: Seattle's original farmers and fish market Problem: Requires retail tenant billing and energy monitoring Solution: System upgrade and multi commercial retrofit.

Overview: Entertainment complex with office tower and food concessions throughout Problem: Energy monitoring and vendor billing capabilities Solution: Legacy Intellimeter 1 Power Line Technology.

Overview: Mixed-use building consisting of both hotel, residential and commercial space Problem: Requires the ability to bill residential space and hotel according to consumption Solution: M3 Series and TX Overview: International Airport with a variety of vendors located onsite Problem: Requires meter upgrade for tenant billing and facility management.

Use existing network and include radar tower in metering. Overview: Bank branch with retail outlets within building Problem: Revenue metering for retail tenants Solution: M3 Series. Overview: Pre-existing industrial plant designated as a heritage site. The plant was converted to commercial space for shops and vendors. Consists of 15 buildings Problem: Required office and tenant metering for cost analysis Solution: M3 series and BTU meters for air conditioning.

The Value of Submetering Intellimeter's first whitepaper. Our software, your benefit Our software, your benefit Learn more about how our software can help you in your projects. Find out more. Smart Metering Learn how data can leverage your energy.

Electric Meters Select the right auto ranging equipment. Follow Lanny on saving energy costs using Intellimeter submeters, while keeping his residents happy!

See what our customers are saying. SickKids SickKids Toronto, Ontario Overview: Hospital with food and retail vendors located within facility Problem: Revenue metering for billing of food and retail vendors. Toronto, Ontario Overview: Entertainment complex with office tower and food concessions throughout Problem: Energy monitoring and vendor billing capabilities Solution: Legacy Intellimeter 1 Power Line Technology.Do you have someone on your property reading your meters for you?

Perhaps Maintenance staff? Cleaning staff? Reduce the time and hassle of handwritten reads, and turn to EMS to make energy simple for you! EMS has the expertise that comes with more than 39 years in the submetering business. Whether manually read, or via automated meter reading AMRour people possess the experience and know-how to understand the metering equipment, meter reading system, and the information to set a property up for billing.

Automated meter reading provides property management with frequent reads and access to real-time data regarding the health and functionality of the meter.

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On the contrary, manually read properties, provide property management with reads as often as every month with continued access to data and usage on our portal. Property management, as well as their tenants, will have access to our dynamic portal and different views of energy usage at the property. This Account Representative will alert management of any anomalies in billing or sudden increases and decreases in consumption.

Our EMS billing template offers a clean layout that is informative and professional. Paper bills are mailed or tenants can enroll in our paperless e-bill option. We provide fair tenant billing based on actual usage that will encourage conservation among tenants, reducing utility expenses and increasing your bottom line NOI. Interested in our meter reading and billing services? Learn more here! Reduce the time and hassle of handwritten reads, turn to EMS to handle meter reading and tenant billing for you!

Contact EMS toll-free at 0. She writes content pertaining to energy efficiency, sustainability, and energy solutions to our commercial, office, retail and multi-family Property Developers, Owners and Managers. Trust this EnergyGuru to provide you with interesting content relative to the CRE Industry and our company service offerings. Related Posts. Wouldn't you want to know you're getting the most accurate meter readings and billing for Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your comment. Your Name.

Your email. Contact Us. Phone: Toll Free: Fax: Follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube. All Rights Reserved.Bay City Metering offers the most flexibility and variety in utility meter reading options available today. Whether you prefer the latest in automated, remote meter reading, or require on-site direct reading, we have a submetering solution to meet the specific needs of your property. We consider ourselves a comprehensive energy solution provider, and we work hard to optimize all aspects of your energy management.

At our core, we are meter experts. Starting with submeter installation, we know all meters — all varieties — so we can install and repair them anywhere in the country.

Furthermore, if you purchase your meters from Bay City Metering and we install them, we stand by them.

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This means if there is an issue with the installation, we will fix it. If another company installed your meters, and did not offer a similar provision, we can certainly perform an installation correction. Of course, we can also repair or replace meters of any type at any time. Testing is performed to check for accuracy that all meters are capturing full tenant usage.

We also verify that phasing, assignment and programming is correct. We manage the diverse submetering solutions of residential and commercial properties throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Our expertise include:.

We have a full staff of meter readers to read your meters on site. Plus our commitment goes beyond simply collecting the data to include:. Please call our office ator send us an email using the form on this page.

btu meter tenant billing

We look forward to speaking with you soon. Submetering Solutions. Submeter installation and repair At our core, we are meter experts. Expertly fulfilling the needs of our customers We manage the diverse submetering solutions of residential and commercial properties throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

View example of an electric bill. Acting as a representative in all matters concerning the utility billing submitted to the building by the local Utility Company.

Providing auditing of the Utility and ESCO bills Answering any and all tenant complaints or questions regarding submetering or billing and making any corrections as required. Acting as a technical representative in all matters concerning the submetered utility charges billed for consumption to the tenants within the building as well as assisting legal representation in the preparation of the lease agreement for prospective tenants with reference to the utility paragraphs or sections.

Preparation of a written report, of our discovery, of tenant installations, where submetering is concerned, that are not in conformance with the rules and regulations of the local Codes. Fully up to date with the new PSC residential submeterings laws and the requirements necessary for properties to remain in compliance. How can we help you?In each property, the conditions and metering equipment are different.

In times of increasing energy costs, it is important to measure and control energy consumption accurately. We meet our costumers' requirements by offering a variety of highly advanced cooling metering instruments. The BTU meter comprises of a flow measurement sensor, two temperature sensors and a microprocessor based energy calculator.

The Flow Sensor shall be installed in chilled water return lines in the direction of the chilled water flow either in vertical or horizontal position. The two temperature sensors, one sensor shall be installed on return line and the second sensor shall be installed in supply line. The quantity of thermal energy transferred from the cooling water to the consumer over a defined period of time is proportional to the temperature difference between the flow and return and the volume of cooling water that has flowed through.

The compact version ultego III smart plus and the modular type perfect III range consists of a calculator, flow sensor and temperature sensors. The calculators can be removed and mounted separately and the two external sensors specified at a number of lengths to meet all requirements. Both series can be provided with a number of integrated communication modules and are compliant to the European Measuring Instruments Directive MID. The battery life is 10 years plus one year reserve. Flow meters with a nominal flow rate from 3.

The sensonic II has a hybrid calculator for the combined detection of heat and cold. The meter is available as a compact and combined version suitable for flexible use in residential and commercial properties. In addition, the refrigerant detection has been certified for Germany according to the guidelines of the Physikalisch -Technische Bundesanstalt PTB. So that the devices meet all statutory calibration requirements for precise measurement and legally compliant billing.

The different types cover a wide range of requirements. The compact version with nominal flow rates of 0. With an electronic multi-jet turbinethey have a high measurement stability throughout the life. This also determines the automatic switching between heating and cooling measurement.

The amount of energy consumed is then calculated from the integrated electronic microchip ASIC from the measured readings and various constants for the fluid flowing through K - factor and displayed on the LCD.

Water meters measure individual water consumption.

btu meter tenant billing

Whether hot or cold water, in the kitchen, bathroom or cellar, in a new build or old building: we have the appropriate version for every field of application. All meters connected to the symphonic M-bus system can be read centrally: either directly on the spot or by data transfer to an external central control.

This improves the quality of life for your tenants, and enables you to monitor the energy balance of the building more flexible. We use cookies to offer you the best service possible. We store them to measure the number of visitors, anonymously analyze surfing behavior and to create personalized offers. Please choose "accept" to allow all cookies.

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