Au falcon ecu swap

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Au falcon ecu swap

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Au falcon ecu swap

By galapogos01April 20, in Auto Electrics. Guys, I've created this thread to keep people up to date with T. For software, im using TunerPro RT.

If you are not interested in DIY tuning your own car I can also disable both smartlock and smartshield for use in engine conversions etc. If you have any questions about our gear, feel free to fire away! Cheers, Jason. If you don't have one of our Programmers, we can do this for you.

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Hey guys, Just a short note to mention that we've just uploaded a guide on how to install and configure the TechEdge 2J Wideband O2 Logger to help tune your Falcon. See below for some pics. Yesterday we went down to the dyno at Hallam Performance, and with a hand from Paul at CVE Performance we touched up the tunes and got some numbers from our two supercharged Falcons! Check out this video of Simon's EB on the dyno. I won't mention the number here but we're pretty happy with the result from the old EB.

Hey mate, going to be needing a chip soon for my EF 4. Can it be programmed to disable smartlock and all that crap by me or do you have to do that?

Also, can a chip be reprogrammed or is it a one use only kinda deal? You can disable Smartlock in the tune yourself, or if you get stuck I can do a base tune to get you started.

au falcon ecu swap

The chip can be reprogrammed as many times as you like by anyone with one of our Programmers -- no dodgy vendor locks here. Awesome mate, definitely sounds like the go! Will be speaking to you about ordering one very soon I hope.

As followers of the T. Performance Facebook page would have seen, a few weeks back we put a smaller pulley on the EF to see what it was capable of. Last week we took it down to Hallam Performance, and Paul did a few power runs on the dyno.

The result, after a quick tweak to the tune: We're pretty stoked with this figure out of the auto.ECU drama in an AU Officer: What is your D.

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Criminal: What's a D. Officer: When's your birthday? Criminal: May 5th Officer: What year?

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Posted: Tue May 03, pm. Fordmods Newbie. Hi I have a '99 AU Fairmont with Smartshield not Smartlock because it's the update model that immobilised itself a few weeks ago after a simple battery disconnect and has been sitting in the driveway ever since. We tried the "key on" routine and it still won't start.

The hand symbol won't disappear when you turn the key to "on" and the car doesn't crank over at all but when you lock up the car with remote the hand flashes like normal. All fuses and relays are fine. Everything else checks out fine. No error codes or anything like that.

I had the ECU sent off to a guy that checks and repairs them and even he can't read it and has told me that I need to tow the car to Ford for them to fix. I'm wondering - am I able to simply swap ECU's over?

For example, swap it over with say an xr6 type? Would I need to change the BEM aswell? I really don't know what to do here so any advice would really be appreciated. Posted: Wed May 04, am. Site Admin. Disco Frank. Fordmods Junkie. Posted: Wed May 04, pm. Getting Side Ways. Posted: Thu May 05, am. Posted: Sun May 08, pm. Posted: Tue May 10, pm. In the manual for the AU there's a procedure for re-coding the keys.

Posted: Wed May 11, pm. Posted: Thu May 12, am. There must be someone who works at ford who can tell us more about this procedure. Posted: Thu May 12, pm. Posted: Wed May 18, am.This guide outlines how to read stored diagnostic codes to help with tracing problems, and how to get into timing mode to set the base timing.

To run the KOEO test:.

How to program VIN after ECU swap.

Click for more info. These take mins as above. The steps to get into this mode are as follows:. More diagnostic code descriptions available here. For more information see the guide at Fordmods or this guide from Snapon. This guide only covers the ECU. There are also diagnostic modes in the Climate Control Module.

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Buy Now. The steps to get into this mode are as follows: Start the engine. Connect this to the ground pin directly below it. You have approx min to adjust the timing. Rotate distributor to adjust. EL 6 cylinder should be on the IGN mark. All 5. The code information is at the end of this article. Thermofan Diagnostics Credit to Fordmods for this section.

Testing the Thermo Fan operation — Easy method Ensure that it is safe to start the engine on the vehicle to be tested. Start the engine of the vehicle. Once this has been carried out, the Thermo fans should be running at their High Speed setting. If both fans do not operate, then you may have trouble codes logged within the EEC-V memory. You must clear these codes for the Thermo fan test to work! Can be caused by the sensor going out of spec. Featured Products.

Rated 5.Posts: Not to get technical, but according to chemistry alcohol is a solution. Display posts from previous: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year.

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Post subject: au series 2 ecu, swap and play? Posted: Fri Feb 10, pm.

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Parts Gopher. Post subject: Re: au series 2 ecu, swap and play? Posted: Tue Mar 06, pm. Posted: Mon Apr 16, am. Fordmods Newbie. Getting Side Ways. I've swapped mine out and not had a problem, however, it's smartlock in au's as far as I know, even the ba hard smartlock.

So in answer to your question, due to lack of others, I think you should be fine.

au falcon ecu swap

Smartshield came in with the AU2 unfortunately so in the absence of tricks of the trade it looks like a trip to Ford. Mines an auII xr6vct if it helps. I think the computer has to match the bcm, if it does they don't need to be programmed?

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Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 8 guests.Click here to sign up to our Newsletter. Buy Online. Ford Falcon AU - Instrument cluster problems. Some of the symptoms include: Gauges on instrument cluster flickering, especially the speedometer and temperature gauge.

Digital display on instrument cluster becomes unstable for example; large change in kilometre reading or odd characters and or symbols.

Initial response is to condem the instrument cluster as faulty, but, generally there are two common causes of these problems. Although engine performance is unaffected it can be assumed i. Secondly, alternator phase shift introducing a corrupted Noisey signal the vehicles power supply can also affect instrument cluster operation, notably this problem affects the digital display on the instrument cluster, however, the alternator warning lamp indicates no apperent malfunction and remains off.

If any faults discussed are timely rectified, high probability instrument cluster will return to normal operational state. Prolonging rectification of causes generally results to terminal damage beyond repair and replacement remains the only option.Welcome to the Australian Ford Forums forum. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and inserts advertising.

By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members, respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features without post based advertising banners.

au falcon ecu swap

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Australian Ford Forums. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read.Firstly the PATS security system must be disabled. From the factory you will have:.

The next step is to change the speed source. We will now change this to use the output shaft speed OSS sensor. You'll obviously need to wire an actual speed sensor as well up to pin b7. Most people mount this on the rear of the manual gearboxes. Whilst you are in the VID block editor it is recommended to adjust the final drive ratio and other gear ratios that may have changed.

Edit: This guide may not work for early model BA Falcons eg and earlier that run the 5. A workaround for these models is to use a later model strategy from a manual 5.

au falcon ecu swap

Edit2: If you have a FG afaik the speed input will not work. You must run the PCM with no speed reference and tune out the various fmem torque limiting that occurs and speed related tables. They will ensure you buy the correct loom, PCM and various modules and then provide a tune that will run the vehicle without any of the hundreds of possible limp modes kicking in. If your a workshop with the workshop version and wanting to get into the Ford engine conversions will you offer help?.

Eg we have had a lot of cases of wiring issues, incompatible abs modules, people wanting help with how to relink modules and recode keys using other software.

We regularly have people swap multiple PCMs and want us to refund credits as they end up licensing the car 4x. Conversions are very difficult due to the fact you will need at least 2 other software packages to do the module relinking and key recoding. You'll also need experience knowing which abs modules match which pcm calibration and which tcm calibration matches which pcm calibration.

You also run into wiring loom and speed sensor input issues. All of the above is beyond the scope of our support. If you do want support doing the above we have people who would be willing to give it to you for a fee. You could possibly even approach them to train you, eg hire them to fly down for a week depending where you are.

If we use bf as a stand alone it should be pretty straight forward for us I assume? Yes you can just follow the guide step by step for a BF. You'll need to wire an aftermarket speed sensor in if you are using a manual. You use the "transmission output shaft sensor" option and wire it to the same input B7.

If this occurs I have a theory on a possible way to fix it without swapping or reprogramming the ABS module.

This is not tested or verified, but it is worth experimenting with. You could try changing this word to say the vehicle is actually NA despite it being Turbo, or vice versa. Eg if you have a turbo calibration you would see auF equals 34 0x22 which is turbo and petrol. You could change this to 18 0x12 and see if this works. So I was doing some comparisons of plenty of PCMs 19 different ones in fact! Apparently I can't edit the one above again: another thing to note is auF does not exist in the FGmk2 onward or the SZ territory.

All fall into the bits I've posted above. Quite mysterious! Great work Nat.

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